Bank and Credit Union Reviews From NerdWallet’s Experts

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NerdWallet’s experts have reviewed and rated dozens of banks and credit unions to help you find those with the best accounts, branch and ATM availability, customer service and more.

A smart way to monitor your money

Track your cash, cards, and bank accounts all at the same time.

What online banks and credit unions lack in branches, they make up for with few, if any, fees and high annual percentage yields, or APYs. These institutions are typically insured by the Federal Deposit Insurance Corp., or by the National Credit Union Administration if they’re credit unions. They are also invested in internet security. Your money is just as safe at an online institution as it is in a traditional bank or credit union.

For more information, check out the following reviews of online banks and credit unions:

SoFi Bank, N.A. logo

SoFi Checking and Savings

SoFi Bank, N.A. logo


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CIT Bank logo

CIT Bank Platinum Savings

CIT Bank logo
Min. balance for APY


BMO Alto Online Savings Account

BMO Alto logo

Online offerings go beyond online banks: There are also neobanks, sometimes called financial technology companies. They aren’t the same as an online bank and may offer different products, services and ways of protecting your money. For example, many neobanks offer only checking accounts instead of checking, savings and certificates of deposit. For the accounts they do offer, they often have perks, such as cash-back rewards on debit card purchases or friendly overdraft policies, that may not be available at other institutions. Many neobanks partner with FDIC-insured banks to provide accounts and protect your money.

For more information, check out the following reviews:

Monifi (discontinued effective 9/21/2022)

The Aspiration Spend & Save Accounts are cash management accounts offered through Aspiration Financial, LLC, a registered broker-dealer, Member FINRA/SIPC, and a subsidiary of Aspiration Partners, Inc. (“Aspiration”). Aspiration is not a bank.

Traditional banks and credit unions

These banks and credit unions have branches, making them ideal for people seeking in-person help. But be aware that banks with thousands of branches typically charge steep monthly fees, and APYs are often low. Credit unions tend to offer better interest rates. These not-for-profit institutions pass on profits to their members in the form of higher APYs, but they might not have as many branches as regional and national banks.

Compare financial institutions and accounts

Whether you’re looking for a rewarding checking account, high interest rates on savings or new banking option in general, check out our lists to compare the best options:

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Best banks and credit unions

More of the best banking options


Factors we consider, depending on the category, include rates and fees, ATM and branch access, account features and limits, user-facing technology, customer service and innovation.

The stars represent ratings from poor (one star) to excellent (five stars). Ratings are rounded to the nearest half-star.

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