How To Invest: Rules For When Buy And Sell Stocks In Bull And Bear Markets

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In bull and bear markets, investors need rules to stay both profitable and protected. You’ll find that learning how to invest in stocks isn’t just about finding the best stocks to buy and watch. Understanding market timing and when to sell stocks is also crucial.


In this series on how to make money in stocks, you’ll find tips on all aspects of investing — in both good times and bad. In addition to stock ratings and how to track a company’s sales growth, profits and other fundamentals, you’ll also discover the power of technical analysis and how to read stock charts.

You’ll learn how to analyze well-known tech stocks like Apple (AAPL), Alphabet (GOOGL), Microsoft (MSFT) and Meta Platforms (META) (formerly known as Facebook) and Nvidia (NVDA).  Plus, you’ll also see how to find and handle new IPOs and other names on exclusive stock lists like the IBD 50. You’ll even learn to use stock charts to see what the best mutual funds are buying.

So whether you’re interested in investing for beginners or are looking to expand and enhance your stock picks and ability to spot shifting market trends, this series on how to invest has you covered.

7 Lessons On How To Invest In Stocks

How To Invest In Stocks: Investing For BeginnersLearning how to invest in stocks takes time, determination and study. It also takes finding and sticking to a proven set of rules for determining when to buy, sell or hold a stock, with several factors coming into play. You’ll also need to find the best online broker to fit your needs and style of… Read More
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How To Handle Changing Stock Market TrendsAs we saw in the previous section on Stock Market Timing, you can time the stock market — depending on how to you define it. The key is to focus on understanding stock market trends, including how to spot when they’re changing and how to handle your stocks when they do. Whether we’re in a… Read More
How To Buy StocksIn earlier lessons, we went over the CAN SLIM Investing System, stock market timing and how to track changing stock market trends. The concepts and rules covered in those sections are essential to understanding how to buy stocks. In addition to those strategies, two key factors come into play when searching for the best stocks to… Read More
How To Read Stock ChartsThe prior section on How To Buy Stocks focused on what stocks to buy. It covered stock lists and a stock screener to discover ideas, as well as stock ratings to evaluate your potential stock picks. In this section, we’ll focus on when to buy stocks using stock charts and technical analysis; the optimal time… Read More
When To Sell StocksKnowing how to buy stocks correctly is crucial to learning how to make money in stocks. But understanding when to sell stocks — and having the discipline to do it correctly — is equally, if not more, important. You’ll find that knowing how to read stock charts is key to both sides of equation. In… Read More

Educational Resources For Investing In Stocks

Whether you’re new to stock investing or an experienced trader, keep building your stock investing and risk-management skills with educational resources covering all aspects of how to invest in stocks.

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Our mission is to help you make money in stocks, staying both profitable and protected. Using a system based on over 50 years of research, you’ll find the strategies, tools and stock lists needed to invest wisely in both bull and bear markets.

Each day, get helpful lessons on how to handle market trends, how to buy stocks and when to sell stocks. You’ll also find timely tips on how to read stock charts, track what top investors are buying (or selling), and more.

Financial literacy leads to financial independence and security. Moneyworks is a free program that helps close the gap in financial education for a new generation. Start your journey to financial freedom here.

The say a picture is worth a thousand words. These infographics distill  key concepts of how to invest into easy-to-follow, quick visuals. You’ll find quick explainers on how to invest in cryptocurrency, the EV boom and more.

Jumpstart your skills with 12 free lessons on how to invest in stocks. You’ll discover tips on how to find the best stocks to buy and watch, how to read stock charts, how to track market trends, how to manage your portfolio (and risk), and more.

Whether the topic is investing for beginners or coverage of swing trading, technical analysis or advanced trading strategies, IBD has webinars for investors of every level.

Every week, IBD experts analyze current stock market trends and highlight key strategies investors need to know about how to make money in stocks and manage risk in both bull and bear markets.

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Whether it’s in-person training or virtual events you can experience from anywhere, you’ll discover strategies to grow and protect your hard-earned money. Come explore this wide range of interactive events on how to invest wisely.

As part of the Dow Jones  and Wall Street Journal family, IBD works with premier partners like Barron’s and MarketWatch as they offer events on topics including cryptocurrency, biotech, retirement planning and more.

Learn all aspects of stock investing at your own pace and on your own schedule with these detailed courses on beginning, intermediate and advanced strategies. You’ll also find targeted courses on IPOs, market timing and more.

From stock lists and stock ratings, to a customizable stock screener, coverage of market trends and timely tips on the best stocks to buy and watch, IBD Digital empowers you with the tools and info you need to grow and protect your money.

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