The Motley Fool’s Publishing Standards

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The Motley Fool Holdings consists of a group of companies that share the goal of making the world Smarter, Happier, and Richer, but pursue that goal in their own ways. Our company dates back to 1993, and we are proud of our independence – we are almost 100% owned by our founders, current and former employees, contributors, and directors, and their family (or in some cases, former family) members.

Articles that we publish on are generally intended for informational and educational purposes, not to influence or “condition” the market. We have a strong long-term, buy and hold investment philosophy and take our disclosure seriously.

The original, and far and away largest by reach and revenue, is our publishing business, The Motley Fool, LLC, which aims to educate the world across a variety of financial topics, including stock news, market commentary, and how-to guides with a common long-term, buy and hold investment approach. We pursue that business through free content and paid subscription offerings. Other affiliated entities separately offer investment management products and services – such as funds and separately managed accounts – and personalized financial planning.

The financial world is filled with conflicts of interest.’s disclosure policy and trading rules seek to ensure that our members understand our interests, and we strive to align those interests with our members.

To preserve the integrity of our respective businesses, and to assure that we make investment recommendations only for the benefit of its respective members, and its publisher, The Motley Fool, LLC, operate independently of the other Motley Fool companies. We maintain policies and information barriers that seek to assure that our editorial and other publishing personnel have no knowledge of any of the affiliate companies’ holdings, transactions and/or specific recommendations that are not already available to the general public. Likewise, our affiliated companies are subject to strict regulatory requirements and their personnel have no knowledge of any editorial content before it is published.

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